angrygroudon (angrygroudon) wrote,

Pokemon plush collection Update (20/08/2016)

Hello people once again.
It's been a while now that I have last posted and especially my posting about my pokemon collection. Since it's been a while, I thought I might as well do an update. Since the main collection post I didn't collect much as this summer I haven't gone far (except for a cruise) and the times I looked never had much pokemon stuff, hopefully I can get more before my school break is finshed. But the four plushes you see is what I obtained so far to which and I will explain how I got them in order. (Excuse the mess by the way, typical teenager room).
Leafeon- Despite being a bootleg, I found him in a second hand game shop. They were expanding on merchandise and I herd the cashier saying he had pokemon plush.
Kyogre- Got him in a sale not long ago actually. Thank you so much pkmncollectors as I know have groudon and kyogre.
Celebi- My mother and sister got lost and found a partial anime store selling pokemon plushies on a day out. I made it my summer goal to go to that store and buy more plush.
Amaura- Found it while scouring through amazon looking at japanese sellers. It did not come with a bag like my tyrunt did. But I'm glad I the same type as my tyrunt is.

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