angrygroudon (angrygroudon) wrote,

Careful warning with Raikou, entei and suicune pokedoll on ebay.

Hello people,
Long time no say, I was busy till the end of June with exams and I'm slightly busy with helping my father fix up the house so we can move. This is also on top of finding a job that I'm happy to do, applied for a apprenticeship in a travel agents which I'm not likely to get but it is worth the try though. Then there was the mass game of thrones marathon watching to catch up... Right I laready did so much, but I'm not going to talk more due to I am badly getting off topic.
Right... While browsing pokedolls on ebay for the laughs, I discovered that bootleging the pokedoll is starting to evolve. The legendary dog trio which previously wouldbe hard to find on ebay due to it rarity has started to have more results coming up from china. I'll just place a cut to show you what I saw

IT's pretty obvious that there are fake, you can tell by suicune's nose. Also that none of them have tush tags so it gives it away they are fake. Dunno why I thought the need to post this, Just wanted to I guess. Moderators, if this violates any of the rules then please remove it. Many thanks

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