December 31st, 2016

Pokemon collection + Want list- As of new years eve 2016

Hello everybody,
I'm back to make my last post before the new years to do with what I collect. Pokemon plush. I'm going to present my collection as it is now over the year and demonstrate my want list. Well enough chit chat. Let's get the party started. (Why do I feel like I'm talking to myself).
Collapse )
Now moving of plush for a second here is my manga collection of 1st/1/2017.
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The next cut is actually showing what I purchased but waiting on to sought out delivery or waiting for it to arrive:
Collapse )
Here is now the want list with the item and how much of a want it is: (Minor, Mid, Major and if they have a strike through the name I got or brought one)
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I will update each list once I got what I want, have a new want or a collection update.
Anyway everyone have a wonderful new year and, if this is read after, see you next time
(I'm going to have to expand the wordcount some day soon)