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Just a bit of a update.

Hello the people who follow me now and in the future.
I have not posted anything in a long time. Whether it is on the pkmncollectors community or on my personal account. Its not because I'm busy its because I forget I can post here. Lazy me, its also because nothing to eventful is happening really, still looking for work and been doing a lot of dog walking.
So I'm going to start posting here more often as I go on my gap year. Like a blog.
Let's start:
I'm still looking for a job is the first thing I have to say really. This is because its been hard finding work on the island, even though its easy to imagine that work will pop up in summer time. But most jobs have taken by people around my age working for money to go to university or to keep going to uni. Its been a big regret not finding a part time job back in the beginning of sixth form or before. But it can't be helped, actually there is a job opening at a hotel in a nearby village. But I am not only looking for work but rather I have applied for three jobs anyway. Its all to buy a rare pokemon plush and save money for university. I could sell some of my pokemon merchandise but i don't want to get rid of the legit stuff and I am very sentimental with my stuff like that. Ha.
Moving on I finished watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid as a series. Its been the best Kamen rider series I ever watched and it made me cry with happiness in the end.
I'm also going to try and start watching studio ghibli films starting with Spirited away as the beginner.
Not much to talk about now but I will write soon.

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